How to Rock High Heels

How comfortable would you feel wearing high heels every day? This question might sound ridiculous, but according to some surveys, around 25% of women wear high heels every day.

As time passes, people tend to dress more casually and less stylishly. And although this trend goes hand in hand with fashion, choosing fashionable items such as high heels is still considered a luxurious choice.

High-heeled shoes are meant to provide comfort and support to the feet. They also enhance posture and give the wearer a sense of elegance and style. While they are often worn for special occasions, high heels are now being worn all the time, even at office parties or casual events.

How to Rock High Heels

1. Get Your Leg Room

The best way to avoid feeling uncomfortable while walking in high heels is by getting your legroom first. If you have problems finding space in your shoe closet, consider buying custom-made ones. The extra height will help you find ample room when it comes to styling your own ensemble. You don’t need to worry about not having enough space since there are many styles out there that can fit into almost any shoe size.

2. Try On Different Shoes First

If you want to choose the perfect pair of high heels before going shopping, it is important to try them on before making a final decision. Although some styles may appear similar in color and design, each one has an individual shape, material, heel, lace type, and other characteristics. Thus, it is highly recommended to be able to see how your foot fits in different pairs of shoes before deciding which ones are right for you. In addition, it helps to make sure your foot is balanced correctly to prevent injury.

3. Practice Stretching & Balancing

If you plan to attend a formal event or go dancing, then practice stretching your toes is a must before putting on high heels. It is crucial to ensure that your calf muscles are strong enough to hold up your entire body as you walk in heels. Also, do not forget to stretch your ankles.

It is important to get rid of tightness from your feet and calves, especially if you experience back pain. Therefore, remember to apply arch supports and take breaks to stretch whenever necessary. These movements will reduce muscle tension and keep your muscles flexible so you can enjoy high heels comfortably.

4. Wear Lightweight Clothing

It is never fun to think about stepping into those four-inch stilettos and the heavy coats and jackets you usually use. Instead, opt for lightweight clothing and lightweight footwear for the occasion. For example, instead of wearing long pants, wear skinny jeans. Or, instead of carrying a bag, carry only what will actually be needed. This will minimize the level of effort required to step into those fancy heels!

5. Choose the Right Style & Color

There are dozens of different options available when it comes to high heels. There are platforms, peep toe, strappy sandals, slingbacks, wedges, etc. Some are comfortable while others might be too big or too small. Finding the perfect pair for your style and occasion takes time and patience. However, it is easy once you know the basics. By sticking with classic designs and colors, you will be able to find a variety of styles that suit your personality perfectly. Finally play, it is always good to mix and match your favorite high heels with outfits or accessories that complement them.

6. Consider Wearing Flat-Footed Shoes Too

Some people mistakenly believe that they cannot wear flat shoes like ballet flats or sneakers because their feet look odd or funny. But this misconception does not stop designers from creating new styles of footwear specifically designed to balance out the feet even when they have been flattened by years of wearing heels. If you are willing to embrace your flat feet, try these styles:

7. Wear Lace-up Sneakers With Them

High heels are definitely chic but they can also cause blisters. If you need more than just fashion, consider trying a lace-up sneaker with your high heels. You will avoid blisters without sacrificing style. They come with soft socks at the bottom so your feet won’t feel uncomfortable.