Best Hairstyles for Summer

Hairstyles have always been a trend statement. This year, you can mix old school and new school styles to give your hair some extra oomph. Try out these simple summer haircuts to update your look without sacrificing style.

Summer has arrived, and you’re ready to get outside and play. If you need some inspiration, check out our guide to the top 50 hairstyles for summer. Now it’s time to start thinking about your next haircut. Check out our picks for the hottest hair trends for 2018.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a fresh change. These trendy looks are affordable, too. Try them out — you won’t regret it.

Best Hairstyles for Summer

1. Side Part with Bangs

A side part keeps all of your facial features in line but adds tons of dimension to your face. It’s also easy to care for because…

The most important thing you should know is that this hairstyle will be different from anyone else’s. Just choose what fits best for you — whether it’s length or curls. When choosing which hair color to go with, make sure that it matches the shade of your skin tone. The darker your complexion, the more intense the red color should be. So if you’re going for a really pale blonde, pick something lighter than platinum; otherwise, stick with the darker versions like chocolate brown or even black, depending upon how much makeup you want to wear.

2. Low Buns at Shoulder Length

Do you remember when we used to call bangs “bangs”? Today we use bobs as an alternative, but they still retain that same cool vibe. A low bun…

The most important thing you should know is that there’s no limit to how long you can keep your hair. You can cut off a lot of it, then grow it back after a few weeks. However, don’t let your hair fall past the bottom of your earlobes! Also, leave enough space in between your ears so that your head doesn’t look like a potato. As far as color goes, light-medium brunettes work best. Don’t forget to add volume by using a round brush when blow-drying, so that your hair stays soft and bouncy.

3. Curly Bob with Long Layers

This curly bob makes you look effortlessly chic. Whether you prefer a short or long version, this hairstyle proves that anything can be good! To achieve these smooth curls, try applying a volumizing serum such as JW Anderson Curls before brushing your hair. Afterward, comb through the product and wait for 45 minutes. Then, use a bristle brush and gently pull sections from root to tip. Next, apply a curl-defining cream and secure with a shine spray. Finally, once hair is dry, spritz with a shining powder to give it more body.


If you feel like dying to try out these fashionable styles, we’ve got you covered even win real money on francais online casinos. We hope you find one you love! What do you think? Is any of these a match for you? Tell us everything you love (or dislike) about each look!